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The creature coming out of the wall looks amazing. I've never seen that in claymation before.

Excellent work! My only complaint is the background ambiance seemed a little weird, like a shopping mall or a Fallout soundtrack.

NeroGeist responds:

You're totally right about that one, I had troubles finding a city ambient sound effect, so I mixed a shopping mall effect and police sirens haha.

I love this animation, and unlike what some of the others are saying below the lack of information is amazing and makes this more compelling. I can sit here all night and try to figure out what the brown character might actually be.

Drugs? Sickness? Death? Depression?

I have no clue and I love it. If you explained what happened to her legs, for instance, I would be less interested, or if you had been more clear about it.

Animation wise, I rarely see something so smooth and the style add to it in my opinion.

Excellent job!

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It's an alright game all things considered, but the lack of music is kind of weird, sometimes you can get two of the same power-up, and there isn't anything cute about the bosses.
They're just horrifying.

This is oddly addicting, although it should be called "Carpalod" because it will destroy your wrists.

I love this game but to be honest the end was VERY predictable. If you make another one can you give it a better ending, and why don't human enemies give exp? But any way this is great for a flash game.

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This is really cool. 3 reminds me of Silent Hill's more industrial tracks and 5 reminds me of older horror movies.

D-Docolocolous responds:


I like the fact your description is the plot for a Warhammer story. That alone can make anything metal... the song was good too.

DanJohansen responds:

Haha did not know that! Glad you dig it though, rock on!

This may be the sickest thing. Ever.

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Gosh dang it Deimos

This reminds of pent up and buried frustration

I really like how the second phase looks different than the first but still retains enough of the same features to be recognizable. Also I really like the Berserk vibes I get from this.

ahmonza responds:

berserk is one no is my favorite manga perhaps the best

Got pissed on by a sheep once.


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